Magaluf Restaurants - The top 5 spots for great value and even better food

Magaluf isn’t just pubs and clubs, if you’re coming here on holiday then you’re going to want to know where’s best for a satisfying meal before a long night on the strip. Here is a quick look at our 5 favourite restaurants in the resort and why you should visit them:

#1 - Tom Browns Beach Bar and Grill

The stuff of legends here in Magaluf, Tom Browns is the ultimate restaurant to keep you well fed without breaking the bank. It’s got all the home comforts you’re missing while you're on holiday, so you can chow down on all of your favourite dishes. Plus some delightful Spanish cuisine, so no matter your taste there will be something for you.

The fast service means you’ll be in and out in no time and the convenient location in the middle of the promenade has you close to the action once you’ve finished your meal. Tom Browns is open from 8am through to 11:30pm, so whether you’re curing a nasty hangover or fuelling up for a big night out, there is a delicious meal ready for you.

#2 - Blackbeard's Beach Bar and Grill

Located at the centre of the beachfront, this venue is the ideal spot for a sit down feast during your holiday in Magaluf. Formally known as Pirates Bar and Grill, this venue is a top pick for a great meal before you hit the strip.

The quality is top notch and the prices won’t leave your wallet hurting. Open from 10 am through to midnight, so you can drop in during the day for a quick lunch or enjoy a few drinks at the bar in the evening.

Our favourite dish at Blackbeard’s is one of the house specialties, the Captain Morgan's baby back ribs, dripping in a spiced rum sauce that will leave you more than satisfied. Once you’ve polished off your meal, order yourself a refreshing dessert cocktail, the Baileys Cream is a delicious mix of vanilla ice cream, kahlua and baileys liqueur.

#3 - Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is the perfect restaurant for anyone looking for a stylish meal during their holiday in Magaluf. With stunning views of the beach, a classic medeteranian menu and lush cocktails, this is a great venue to get dressed up for and treat yourself with some top quality food.

If you’re planning on having a fine dining experience during your holiday then we can’t recommend Bondi Beach highly enough. The Paella is the best you’ll find on the promenade and the cocktails are picture perfect. Bondi isn’t the cheapest restaurant on the list, but the meals are still great value for money when taking into account the superb quality and generous portion sizes.

Open up until 2.30am, Bondi also offers a wonderful drinking atmosphere, great for getting you in the right mood before your night on the strip.

#4 - Robinson Crusoes

Crusoes is a local favourite here in Magaluf. Open from 10am through to 2am, this restaurant and bar is a great spot for food day or night. We recommend dropping in for an ice cold beer, sipping straight from a frozen glass (a great way to cool down during a hot summer's day!)

The lunch menu is filled with tasty wraps and sandwiches and the night menu is packed with hearty classics. Crusoes is our top pick for a lovely midday lunch, the atmosphere is lively and it’s prime location overlooking Magaluf beach makes it a great place to drop into from a tanning session on the beach. Sit down and take in the beautiful scenery from the vantage point of Crusoes terrace, as day changes to night so does the vibe as this busy beach bar settles into a more relaxed restaurant experience.

#5 - Barbuda Beach Bar and Grill

This restaurant is our wildcard pick. Located in Palma Nova, Barbuda is a short walk from the top of Magaluf’s strip, but the journey is well worth it as the relaxed atmosphere gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of Magaluf’s promenade.

Boasting a classic medditeranian menu, all prepared over an open BBQ. This restaurant overlooks Palma Nova beach, it’s stylish, it’s classy and it serves up some of the best food in the resort. Open from 10am through to midnight, Barbuda is a wonderful change of pace compared to the restaurants located within Magaluf itself. If you’re seeking somewhere with an elegant feel then Barbuda is the restaurant for you, the ideal location for a splash out meal while you’re on holiday here in Magaluf.

Dale Rochford