Carwash and the Magaluf Club Pass So what is MCP Carwash?

MCP Carwash is one the most popular clubs here in Magaluf, infamous for it’s foam and UV paint parties. If you’re coming to Magaluf for a lads or girls holiday, paying a visit to Carwash is practically mandatory. The foam is known to rise past chest height and it goes without saying that the UV paint parties make for a colourful night of clubbing. The party rages late into the night and you’ll often see soggy yet happy tourists pouring out Carwash throughout the early hours of the morning.

To get yourself involved at one of these unforgettable foam parties, you’ll need to get yourself an MCP (Magaluf Club Pass) ticket. Wondering how MCP works or how you can sort yourself a ticket? Read on to find out how.

Magaluf Club Pass and how it all works:

Magaluf Club Pass, commonly known as MCP, is a group of 5 of the most popular clubs here in Magaluf. It’s a single pass that grants both free entrance and free alcohol to anyone of the MCP brand clubs. These clubs are the most popular along the strip, making the MCP pass a great option for anyone looking to party every night of the week. Not to forget the free alcohol, which means you can go hard all night long without worrying about how much damage you’re doing to your wallet.

When it comes to securing your MCP ticket you have two options:

First option is to grab a single night ticket, which excluding special events comes to around 35 euros for an evening. It might seem a little pricey, but keep in mind that over the course of a big night on the strip, you’ll typically be purchasing 5 drinks at a minimum, which can really add up quickly. Whereas at any of the MCP venues you won't have to worry about buying drinks whatsoever.

Option number two is to get yourself sorted with a week long wristband, this means that you will be able to hit up the MCP clubs each and every night of the week, overall the weekly ticket should save you money compared to getting several one night tickets. The only thing to consider with opting for the week pass is that you are confident you will be spending most of your nights in the clubs, if that sounds good to you then MCP is a great addition to your holiday. However if you’re the type of person to check out the clubs a couple nights and stick to the bars for the rest, then perhaps consider purchasing the individual nightly tickets.

So what are the other clubs on the MCP pass?

MCP Boomerang

If you’re seeking out house and club bangers then Boomerang is the venue for you. With a capacity of over 1000, Boomerang is one of the largest clubs on the strip and it has no problem filling its dance floor to the brim. Often hosting world class acts that draw energetic crowds, Boomerang is a tried and true venue that has been pleasing tourists for years.

MCP Tokio Joes

Tokio Joes is the only MCP venue that is dedicated exclusively to RnB and Hip-hop tracks. This underground club is found right in the middle of the magaluf strip, it’s smoking terrace can be viewed from the street, but the club itself resides down the stairs and out of sight. Once you’ve made your way down those stairs and into the club, you’ll find yourself there until the early hours of the morning as the atmosphere at this Tokio’s makes it hard to pull yourself away.

MCP Bananas

Situated right at the top of the strip, just at the base of torrenova hill is MCP Bananas. This club is arguably the most famous venue in all of Magaluf as it has had it’s doors open to the public for over 20 years. Bananas is the place for all your nineties and naughties club bangers. The vibe inside Bananas is light hearted and fun, and you’re likely to see some of your favourite acts such as Cascada performing live. Certainly one to check out if you’ve got yourself a MCP pass.


Honeys is an exotic dance club that also operates as part of the MCP chain of clubs. Yes that's right, Honeys is a strip club and can be entered free of charge for anyone with an MCP pass. Get yourself a drink at the bar and take in the lovely view. The gorgeous women working at Honeys are sure to make you feel more than welcome, but be warned, the entrance and the drinks may be free, but the lap dances are certainly not!

MCP Carwash

It should go without saying that Carwash is included on the MCP pass, but it’s certainly worth saying it twice. Make sure to head on down for the wet and wild paint parties and try not to lose your friends in a sea of foam!

Dale Rochford