Best Magaluf Clubs 2023:

MANSION Nightclub:

Located at the top of the Magaluf strip, MANSION Nightclub is right in the heart of the action when it comes to clubbing. MANSION is the newest club in town and is already making a name for itself as the number one clubbing experience in Majorca.

As the final location for multiple events, MANSION is always filled to the brim as events such as ‘Spring Break’, ‘Summer Fest’ and ‘F*ck Me I’m Famous’ arrive to finish the night in style. The club features a huge sound system, which belts out club bangers and house music all night long.

Known for celebrity appearances, you’re likely to see your favourite stars enjoying a few drinks in the exclusive VIP area. The underground feel, top tier lighting and incredible sound system make MANSION Nightclub the number one place to check out for anyone coming to Magaluf.




Arguably one of the most famous clubs in all of Magaluf, Bananas is a long standing venue on the strip, pleasing tourists and workers alike for over 20 years. Blasting your favourite cheese music, you’ll be dancing the night away to old school classics.

Bananas is part of the MCP (Magaluf Club Pass) group, this means you can gain access to this classic club plus the other 4 MCP venues. The pass also includes free drinks at each of the clubs. So you won’t have to worry about how much you’re spending as you order in the rounds.

Bananas is located right at the top of the strip, just at the base of torrenova hill. It’s best to see for yourself why this club has stood the test of time, so it’s a must visit if you’re in Magaluf for a party holiday.

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BCM Planet Dance:

BCM Planet Dance. The one and only SUPER club here in Magaluf. BCM can be seen from miles around, with it’s lighting setup illuminating the sky all night long. Surrounded by smaller bars, BCM stands proudly at the heart of its very own BCM square.

With a max capacity of 5000 people, it goes without saying that BCM is the biggest venue in terms of size. With multiple floors and lots of bars, BCM is the kind of venue you can spend your entire night in. Just below the main floor is the Millenium club, still officially a part of BCM, this is where you can find the X-plosion foam parties, UV paint parties and much more. The on the door fee covers all your drinks for the night, so no worrying about your wallet once you're inside the club.

With top class acts such as Tiesto, David Guetta and MK performing sets throughout the summer, you’ll be sure for a world class night. It goes without saying the BCM is an absolute must for at least one of your nights here in Magaluf.


Alex’s RnB

If you’re looking for true hip-hop and RnB, then Alex’s RnB is the venue for you. It’s not the largest venue in Magaluf, but it's bar layout is quickly filled as the evening rolls in. Typically filled wall to wall, this venue might not be the biggest, but it goes toe to toe with the other clubs on the strip.

Exotic dancers will be performing all night long, making for a great atmosphere. Alex’s RnB gets busy early, making it a great spot to drop into for a few drinks before heading elsewhere for the main event, but many people find themselves staying for the night, as the music and atmosphere makes for a party worth sticking around for.

You can find Alex’s RnB close to the beach, just off from the centre of the strip, making it an ideal place to drop into if you’re heading up the promenade after a beachfront meal. Drinks are reasonably priced and the outside terrace means you get the best of both worlds with this bar and club.


MCP Carwash:

It’s wet, it’s wild and that’s why we love it. Carwash is home to Magaluf’s infamous UV paint and foam parties. If you’re looking to get messy and have a good time, then Carwash has your back. We wouldn’t recommend wearing anything you don’t mind getting ruined; most white t-shirts will come out looking like a tie-dye gone wrong, but that doesn’t matter much when you’re up to your ears in foam.

Also a part of the MCP franchise, so you won’t have to worry about your notes getting soggy when you’re ordering in the drinks. It’s easy to find as it’s right next to Bananas club at the top end of the strip. This might not be a venue you hit up every night of the week, but it’s well worth seeing what all the fuss is about when it comes to these foam filled parties.

Tiger Tiger:

Tiger Tiger is one of the newest bars on the strip, previously known as Revolution bar. This venue might look innocent enough from outside, but when you swing open those doors you are hit with a flood of music and people alike. Located right in the middle of the strip, it’s easy to get to and serves as a great starting point for the rest of your night. Drinks are fairly priced, with cheap hourly free bars so you can really smash down those spirit mixers.

The outdoor terrace is a great space to cool off and chat and when you’re ready for a dance you can just nip inside for the venue for non stop action. You wouldn’t think this bar has the ability to get people dancing the way it does, but you’ll understand why it’s made it onto our list for top clubs in Magaluf as soon as you step foot inside.

MCP Boomerang:

Boomerang. One of the most tried and trusted establishments here in Magaluf. If you’re seeking out House and dance music, then Boomerang is the club you’re looking for. Easy to find as it’s located at the heart of the Magaluf strip. When you make your way down stairs that lead into Boomerang, you know you’re in for a night you won’t soon forget.

This club is a staple for anyone on holiday here in Magaluf, with most people coming back night after night for the reliable music and wall to wall action. Also a part of the MCP club group, Boomerang is frequently home to world class acts, so make sure you check out the lineup before you pay this club a visit.

Tokio Joe’s:

Located right at the centre of the Magaluf strip, Tokio Joe’s is a favourite amongst tourists and workers alike. Playing R&B all night long, Tokio Joe’s is a favourite for people looking to get away from the house beats playing nearly everywhere else. It’s dark underground feel makes you forget you’re even on the strip and the atmosphere will have you losing track of time.

Tokio Joes is also a part of the MCP club group, so make sure to check this venue out if you’ve got yourself the club pass. As the night continues, you’re likely to see loads of workers arrive to party as they clock off their evening shifts. Tokio Joes goes hard and it goes all night long, certainly worth a visit while you’re here in Magaluf.

Dale Rochford