A season in Magaluf. All things weather:

Magaluf, where sunseekers far and wide come to soak up the rays during their holiday. Sunny Spain is known for its roasting summer weather and of course Magaluf is no exception. However the season is long and with that comes some big weather changes as Majorca transitions from Spring into the height of summer.

Here is a quick look at what you can expect weather wise throughout the holiday season, including what to pack and what mistakes to avoid, so you can enjoy your time abroad (without turning bright pink!)

The early season:

In April and May things are just starting to warm up in Spain. Spring is in full swing and the strip is coming alive as workers and tourists alike descend on Majorca to enjoy the warming weather. Temperatures change a lot during this period, with averages of 19°C in April, warming up to around 23°C in May. It’s mostly a pleasant warmth during the day, with occasional overcast days to give you a break from the sun.

In the evening things cool off, so you might want to consider an outfit that will stop you from being too chilly during your night out. Long sleeves and full length jeans are a common sight on the strip at this time of year, but all of this is set to change as spring gives way to summer.

Summer. Summer. Summer:

It’s not officially summer until the 20th of June, but the hot weather makes its entrance from the start of the month. With average temperatures reaching 27°C, you’ll need to take suncreaming seriously if you want to avoid a brutal sunburn. Nothing can ruin your well earned trip away like hiding inside the hotel, too sore from a day sizzling in the sun.

When July hits is when things really start to peak in Spain. Summer is here and the sun will stick around for a lovely 10+ hours every day. Rainfall is sparse, so you won’t have to worry about unexpected downpours spoiling your day at the beach. Expect 30°C weather almost every day.

August is the hottest month of the year. With temperatures often reaching highs of 35°C. It’s slightly more humid than July, with that comes some extra rainfall, but nothing that should disrupt your time in Magaluf. We recommend checking the forecast for any thunderstorms and pasting yourself with suncream before spending a day in the sun. You’re in Magaluf for a good time, getting heatstroke is not on the agenda.

Throughout the summer the heat will extend into the night, so keep that in mind when you’re packing your evening outfits. What to wear, what to bring? Keep it light, keep it breezy. You might look fresh in your north face jacket in Scotland, but you won’t be feeling so fresh when you're dripping sweat into your cocktail.

Later in the season:

As the season winds down we see more changes in the weather, in September temperatures finally start to fall, lowering to an average of 27°C. It’s a welcome break from the heat, but you can still catch a tan. It’s at this time of year that rainfall increases, so make sure to check the forecast before you plan a day at the beach.

From the 22nd of September it’s officially Autumn, but don’t let that fool you into expecting cold weather just yet, throughout October you’ll still be treated to average highs of 24°C, just make sure to have a jacket on hand for the occasional downpours. Wet weather is common in October, so keep that in mind if you’re still in Magaluf this late in the season.

And that’s your guide to visiting Magaluf during the holiday season. No matter when you come, make sure to pack suncream and don’t forget to bring something weatherproof if you’re here for some of the wetter months. But most importantly, make the most of Spain’s glorious weather while you can!

Dale Rochford